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About Us

Helifix: Because it is better to restore than to replace..

Helifix India Private Limited are the exclusive importers and installers in India of all Helifix Products manufactured in the United Kingdom.

We merge the Helifix products with our art of instating the art. We provide a comprehensive solution of right products and services that can help to restore and revive a structure. We are Helifix India.

There have been times when preservation and restoration were about saving an old building here or there, but those days are gone. Preservation and restoration is in the business of saving communities and the value they embody. At Helifix, we provide a customly designed cohesive solution of products and services that restores, preserves and saves any kind of structure from future deterioration, protecting from seismic movement, indeed restoring the sentiments of a structure.

These products and services can be used to restore or conserve ancient building, architectural domes and arches, bridges, monumental structures or it can also help to lay a strong and secure foundation for a new build. All these restoring systems are propped with complete instructions that commit to deliver the most accurate installations of all kinds of system.

Our regular and strong client feedbacks have assisted us in sustaining a developing curve since 2011. We believe in delivering apt solutions to all our clients and we try to exceed their expectations.

Sales/Technical Office Details:

204-A, Alkapuri Arcade,
R C Dutt Road, Vadodara 390007

Main Telephone: +91 9724502142
Email: sales@helifix.co.in