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Helifix products are based on a unique helical design that create a slim profile with a large surface area that ensures a secure and lasting connection

with or without grouts or resins, in bricks, blocks, stone, concrete and timber and other such fabrics. The helifix products are accordant with almost all the construction materials that were used before the cement and concrete, be it lime mortar, surkhi or any other building material. Our new helifix products can easily be inserted into the existing fabric of the old monumental buildings. This also states that all these products have great axial strength combined with flexibility which allows natural structural movement by restoring and reviving the structural integrity.

There are a wide variety of situations for which Helifix can provide structural stabilisation. Some of the more common temporary requirements are:

Unlike traditional masonry repairs where Helifix products are installed to provide a permanent structural solution, here, once the construction work is complete the function of the Helifix system is typically superseded. However, the products still remain in place, are fully concealed and continue to provide additional structural support.These one piece products are quick, easy and economical to install, making them simple yet effective. Their strong grip provide excellent pullout strength, avoiding any kind of split. These products can also be installed through insulation, when required, without significantly affecting its thermal properties and provide multiple cross-cavity drip point. The structure is left secure but virtually unmarked as the products are fully concealed after the installation.

Helibeam System

A permanent way of stabilising any cracked structure. Helifix crack stitching involves bonding stainless steel HeliBars into appropriate bed joints or cut slots in bricks, blocks or stonework, with HeliBond cementitious grout.


A Non-disruptive solution to stabilise foundation. Innovatively designed pipe piles offer a far more cost-effective and non-disruptive means of providing structural support to stabilise foundations than traditional methods of major piling or mass underpinning.

Crack Stitching

Repairing and stabilising cracked brickwork or stonework. Repairing and stabilising cracked brickwork or stonework is best achieved by bonding HeliBars into appropriate bed joints or cut slots with HeliBond grout. All the necessary components needed for effective and reliable cracking stitching are contained in the Helifix Crack Stitching Kit.


Small helical cross-section adding substantial tensile strength. HeliBar, with its relatively small helical cross-section, adds substantial tensile properties to the structure when combined with HeliBond cementitious grout which locks between the fins in a composite action and bonds to the masonry.


Injectable, cementitious grout.


Dry Mechanical pinning and remedial tying system.


Stainless steel helical pin that rapidly secures separated render.

Asymmetric Tie

It is a modified DryFix tie having a reduced diameter at the leading end for ease of installation into harder far leaf materials. Installed in the same manner as standard DryFix ties to provide a rapid, reliable and concealed solution.

Terracotta Tie

Secures fragile terracotta from stress fractures. With a reduced diameter over the majority of its length and a short standard section at the outer end helps to grip the soft terracotta without enlarging the pilot hole.

BowTie & BowTie HD

Restraining bowed walls.

Retro Tie

A mechanical fix with Remedial wall tie. Remedial wall tie with a mechanical fixing into the far leaf with resin bonding in the near leaf.


Remedial wall tie with a resin bond at both ends.


Strengthens the poor quality inner leaf. Remedial wall tie for use with thin wall far leaves and in buildings over four storeys high.


Stabilises damaged, high load, masonry. Heavy duty, mechanical grouted sock anchor system for stabilising damaged, high load masonry.


Stabilising solid masonry. Versatile grouted tie for stabilising all forms of solid masonry.


Provides a strong mechanical key when patch repairing reinforced concrete.

Poly Plus

General purpose polyester resin.

PolyPlus SF

Styrene-free polyester resin.

CrackBond TE

General purpose epoxy resin.


Warm roof fixing. High performance timber fixing for pitched warm roof construction.


WVersatile multi-purpose headless fixing. For securing timber or MDF to aircrete, bricks, stone and concrete.

Headed Turbo Fast

A resistance against wind uplift forces High performance fixing for securing structural plywood composite insulation board on flat roofs.


For securing masonry to timber, through insulation, in timber frame construction.

Turbo Tie

For securing outer leaf masonry to inner leaf aircrete blocks.


FFor extending or securing a new leaf to an existing brick, stone or concrete wall.

BowTie HDs were installed across the full width of the wall into the upper storey floor and ceiling joists while BowTies were used to connect the brickwork gable rafters. Grouted CemTies were installed at the building’s corners to secure the delaminated gable end to the front and rear walls and ResiTies were used to connect the wall to internal cross walls. Once the stabilisation work was complete, the additional lateral restraint allowed the shoring to be safely removed leaving the site clear for re-development.

Contact us for further information on how our products can prevent structural damage, reduce propping requirements, open up work space and reduce cost during temporary works.