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Gobind Garh Fort (Main Gate), Amritsar.

Project: Main Gate, Gobind Garh Fort
Location: Amritsar, Punjab
Owner: Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board (PHTPB)
Consultant: Cultural Resources Conservation Initiative(CRCI), New Delhi

Two gates led to the Gobind Garh Fort. The main entrance to the fort is through a drawbridge, called as the ‘Nalwa’ Gate. No one really knows as to when was it named Nalwa first though many books state that this name has been floating much after the death of Hari Singh.

The Helifix solution

On the structural inspection, we came across various problems that include the settlement of structure, water ingress, bulging of the masonry wall due to infill mud mortar pressure, temporary removal of counter weight from the arches i.e., the monsoon roof and vegetation. Due to the unique nature of the HeliBeam System that prevents any further movement of the cracks, Helifix repairs were carried out.

The complete gate was stabilised using concealed stress-free stainless HeliBars grouted right around the corners and above the arches at regular intervals to create masonry beams right into the masonry bed joints. · CemTie were used diagonally to stitch the cracks and weak masonry from the soffit of the arches with cementitious, HeliBond, grout

The cracks have been filled with CrackBond TE. A cost-effective, high quality and sympathetic stabilisation, provided by rapid, non-disruptive installation, gave a major benefit to the main contractor’s conservation programme.