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Old Secretariat Building, Faridkot

Project: Old Secretariat Building
Location: Faridkot, Punjab
Owner: Govt. of Punjab
Consultant: INTACH, New Delhi

The Faridkot district stands tall with its legacy for outstanding royal buildings built by different royal families. The building that now houses the district court complex was built in 1934 by the last ruler of Faridkot Estate, Harinder Singh Brar, known as Old Secretariat Building, Faridkot.

This building is about 77 years old, due to which it has developed stepped, tapering cracks to the masonry, ring separation in arches, separations of various building corners which were visible both internally and externally.

The Helifix solution

Investigations have established that foundation movements over the years and weathering are among the major causes of the damage that has occurred. Thus, Helifix India proposed the following solutions to restore the structural integrity: After undertaking a structural survey, we proposed crack stitching using bonded Helibar.

  • The Stepped and tapered cracks were stitched with individual 6mm HeliBar, bonded into mortar beds with HeliBond cementitious grout on both the faces internally and externally.
  • The ring separations were stitched with 8mm CemTie, bonded into drilled holes with HeliBond cementitious grout.
  • The separation of the corners were addressed with combination of individual 6mm HeliBar and 8mm CemTie, bonded into mortar beds and drilled holes respectively with HeliBond cementitious grout.
  • The cracks have been filled with CrackBond TE.

All these solutions have restored the full structural integrity without altering the appearance of the structure