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Brihnmumbai Municipal Corporation (Head Office), Mumbai

Project: Brihnmumbai Municipal Corporation Head Office
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Owner: Brihnmumbai Municipal Corporation
Consultant: Abha Narain Lambah & Associates, Mumbai

The structure that stands tall on the gothic architectural style, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is a grade IIA Heritage Building. It is located in South Mumbai, opposite to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The Helifix solution

TThese Gothic beauty had faced a lot of damages due to the addition and alteration of structure, ground movement over the period of time, lateral restrains in the arches, aging of the structure and vegetation around

To save time and money while preserving the building’s aesthetic appearance, the Helifix system was used to form masonry beams that created lintels from the existing brickwork, rather than using traditional mechanical props to support the masonry while installing new concrete lintels.

Helifix systems were specified for several reasons: special purpose products were available to undertake all the necessary repairs; all repairs techniques were fully proven; to save time and money and preserve aesthetic appearance.

Pair of HeliBar, 6 mm helical stainless steel reinforcing bars, were bonded into channelled-out mortar beds around the buildings with HeliBond cementitious grout. These formed deep masonry beams which stabilised and reinforced the stone walls, spread the structural loads and stitched cracks, while still allowing normal structural movement.

Using long series grouted CemTie which also had to cross crack in the stonework above, at an angle upward into the stonework above the arch. · The cracks have been filled with CrackBond TE. The quick, cost-effective and non-disruptive Helifix solution extended life of the structure and, being fully concealed, the structural reinforcement left the building virtually unmarked.